Tenant Eviction & Recovery of Arrears

We are vastly experienced in possession hearings. We offer an affordable and efficient service, to help landlords like you regain possession of their properties and recover rent arrears all across England and Wales. Every case is handled by an experienced solicitor and we act swiftly and effectively, keeping you up to date on the progress of your case. We will agree a fixed fee with you before commencing work so that you know from the outset exactly how much our service will be.

Possession can only be obtained once the court has granted an order. To obtain an order, it is necessary to serve the tenant with a notice:

Section 21 Notice – for accelerated possession where only possession of the property is required. You do not need to provide a reason for wanting possession to either the tenant or the court. Providing that the notice has been correctly drafted and served, an order for possession is mandatory.

Section 8 Notice – this notice is used where the reason for wanting possession lies in the tenant’s breach of the tenancy agreement, such as rent arrears, overdue or persistently late rent, damage to the property. This notice can be served in conjunction with a section 21 notice, and unpaid rent etc. can be claimed in a Money Judgment.

Once an order has been granted, the tenant will be given a date by which to vacate the property and pay any money judgment and costs. If the tenant does not do so, we can assist you in the eviction process.

Our Fees (Inclusive of VAT):

Initial Consultation: We always provide a free, no obligation initial telephone consultation to discuss your case, and assess its merits.

Notices: Completion and service of notices: £75 for one notice; £90 for both a section 8 and section 21 notice.

Possession: £540.00 exclusive of VAT plus Court fees applicable from time to time plus disbursements for our complete service up to and including the possession hearing, including drafting and service of notices, witness statements, rent schedules, filing of documents with the court, and one attendance at court.

Enforcement:£100 exclusive of VAT plus the Court Fees applicable from time to time which includes drafting the notice and instructing and liaising with the county court bailiffs to attend at your property to evict the tenant.

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